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I grew up with the attitude of “Man you don’t know me”
Of course I knew living on the streets was a bad thing
So I told all types of folks that I had things
That I did not really have, but… can you blame me
I pushed away the people that didn’t believe the lies
Created a circle of people that I didn’t like
They’re trying to see through me, but can’t understand mine eyes
I talk the big talk, but you’ll see the pain if you try
My feelings’s what I hide, so my anger’s what I show
I lose a lot of friends when emotions get let go
With all the people around me, it’s like you’d never know
That I could only release this anguish through a silent flow
I found this 12 bar verse I wrote in August 2006 called “S.C.U.M. (Sub-Culture Urban Marketing)”…. Pretty interesting..

For 2010, my hip-hop group Grand Angel is planning on releasing a 5-song EP for FREE DOWNLOAD every couple months. To start things off, we present “Welcome To Tweehab: The EP.” Dropped 2/9/2010. You can download this EP from… ( ( - mixtape website)

1 - RT: Hit Me On Twitter feat. @MistahFAB
2 - Word On The Tweetvine
3 - Fail Whale (interlude)
4 -
West Coast Twurple
5 - We Were Just Twondering (interlude)
6 - Attack Of The Tweetwalkers! Oh Noes! 
7 - #FollowFriday (interlude)

Personal List of 2010 Goals (incomplete)

  • Edited on:


  • (Fin) Get a haircut

  • (Fin) Buy cordless performance mics

  • (Fin) Start home studio - new iMac, studio foam, microphone, Mbox 2 Mini, Pro Tools 8 LE

  • (Fin) Get Final Cut Studio on my new iMac

  • (Fin) Get my lady new Dolce & Gabbana prescription glasses

  • (Fin) Buy new phone

  • (Fin) Buy Chrome Hearts pinky ring

  • (Fin) Buy new TV

  • (Fin) Release at least four EP projects this year (2/9=Welcome To Tweehab) (4/13=Melody Of Emotions) (7/5=Road Less Traveled) (8/17=Crooked Smile) (9/14=DM4F #2)

  • (Fin) Release "Grand Noble x DJ DviousMindz - The Kid With The Crooked Smile" (added 2/9)

  • (Fin) Become a better stage performer (added 1/20)

  • ---

  • Complete home studio - more foam, new headphones, studio monitors, install new door

  • Learn Spanish

  • (Fail) Get painful wisdom teeth pulled

  • Fix warrants/suspended DL/DMV tickets

  • (Fail) Gain 20 lbs

  • (Fail) Do at least 24 performances this year (2 per month, minimum)

  • Talk to artist about set of new tattoo ideas

  • (Fail) Buy new mp3 player

  • (Fail) Buy new Flip Video camcorder

  • (Fail) Somehow get back into drawing again

  • Learn to scratch & DJ (added 1/19)

  • Work on returning people's phone calls (added 1/19)

  • Improve short-term memory (added 1/19)

  • Be a better older brother (added 1/20)

Last month, I hosted a mixtape called “Across The Pond (Area Codes Edition)” brought to you by UK’s Heaviest Hook Ups. Songs feature artists such as Turf Talk, WC, Chino XL, San Quinn, I threw in a bonus track “Twurple” from my group Grand Angel.

You can listen to it, and download it for free, here: on

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